Address: 127 Love (Library) South
Phone: 402-472-3605

The Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (Explore Center) provides an academic home for students who have not decided upon a major, who are transitioning between majors, or who are in the pre-engineering program. The Center also provides advising for students interested in pre-professional (pre-health and pre-law) programs. The Center does not award degrees.


Professional academic advisors in the Explore Center are available on an appointment and/or walk-in basis Monday through Friday in 127 Love (Library) South and can be reached at 402-472-3605 or

Academic advising appointments can also be scheduled through the MyPLAN tab in Blackboard. Undeclared, pre-health, pre-law, and pre-engineering students who have not yet chosen a major are assigned to an Explore Center academic advisor and may view their advisor assignment in MyRED through the Student Center. Students may receive advising from their assigned advisor or any other advisor in the Center.

Undeclared Students

Professional academic advisors in the Explore Center engage undeclared students in major exploration, degree planning, and academic course work selection. By working closely with all of the UNL colleges, Explore Center advisors help students design a general academic plan for one or more semesters that will allow them to progress toward a degree, while also exploring the variety of opportunities offered by the University. Undeclared students are encouraged to meet with a professional academic advisor in the Explore Center early in their first semester at UNL to discuss interest areas and to develop a plan for major exploration. It is recommended undeclared students continue to meet with an Explore Center advisor once a semester and attend Explore Center workshops until they declare a major. Additional information concerning major exploration can be found on the Explore Center website.

Pre-Health and Pre-Law Students

Professional academic advisors in the Explore Center provide academic advising for students interested in pursuing professional health and law degrees after completion of their undergraduate course work at UNL. Pre-health and pre-law areas of study are not majors at UNL but rather advising categories. Students may select any academic major while pursuing pre-health or pre-law areas of study and will be advised on degree requirements for graduation from UNL by their college/major advisor. Students are advised in their pre-health and pre-law areas through the Explore Center. Pre-professional advising includes career exploration, course planning, extracurricular activity and involvement planning, entrance exam preparation, and application consultation.

Students can receive specific advising in the following pre-health areas of interest: pre-chiropractic, pre-clinical perfusion, pre-cytotechnology, pre-dental hygiene, pre-dentistry, pre-law, pre-medical laboratory science, pre-medicine, pre-mortuary science, pre-nursing, pre-occupational therapy, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy, pre-physician assistant, pre-public health, and pre-radiation science technology. Students who do not know which career path they might pursue are encouraged to explore the many options available by using the ExploreHealthCareers website in addition to the Career Services and Explore Center websites and resources.

ACE Requirements

Consistent with the mission and values of the University, Achievement-Centered Education (ACE) is based on a shared set of four institutional objectives and 10 student learning outcomes. The ACE program was approved by faculty in all eight undergraduate colleges and endorsed by the Faculty Senate, the student government, and the Academic Planning Committee in January 2008 for implementation in the fall 2009. ACE aligns with current national initiatives in general education.

Key characteristics of ACE that demonstrate the benefits of the program to students:

  • Students receive a broad education with exposure to multiple disciplines, critical life skills and important reasoning, inquiry, and civic capacities.
  • ACE is simple and transparent for students, faculty and advisors. Students complete the equivalent of 3 credit hours for each of the ten student learning outcomes.
  • Students connect and integrate their ACE experiences with their selected major.
  • Students can transfer all ACE certified courses across colleges within the institution to meet the ACE requirement and any course from outside the institution that is directly equivalent to a UNL ACE-certified course. Courses from outside institutions without direct equivalents may be considered with appropriate documentation for ACE credit (see academic advisor).

ACE allows faculty to assess and improve their effectiveness and facilitate students’ learning.

ACE Institutional Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

To meet the ACE program requirement, a student will complete the equivalent of 3 credit hours for each of the ten ACE Student Learning Outcomes (a total of 30 ACE credit hours). See the ACE website for the most current information and the most recently certified courses. Students should meet with an Explore Center advisor to discuss the planning and completion of ACE courses and requirements.