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The University Honors Program is a special program for which formal application is required. Students admitted to the Program have ACT composite scores in the upper 20s or above, are in the top ten percent of their high school class and, most importantly, have demonstrated a commitment to intellectual curiosity and academic excellence. Acceptance into the Program is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s potential by the Honors Program Faculty Committee. All the undergraduate colleges support the Program, and honors courses apply to college and major requirements. A special notation is made on the transcript and diploma upon graduation from the University Honors Program to inform graduate schools and employers of the student’s superior performance. Honors Program students may request housing in the honors residence, the Neihardt Residence Center.

Students admitted to the Honors Program in their first year of college must fulfill the following requirements in order to complete the Program:

  1. Full-time student: 12 credit hours each semester (fall and spring)
  2. Cumulative GPA: 3.5
  3. 24 credit hours in honors courses with a grade of B or better: to include 189H and 395H
  4. Sequence:

    First and Second years:

    Complete 15 honors credit hours with a grade of B or better in the first four semesters of college work including 189H and file a Statement of Academic Interest.

    Complete at least 6 honors credit hours with a grade of B or better each year (Fall and/or Spring).

    Third and Fourth years:

    Complete 9 honors credit hours with a grade of B or better in the junior and senior years, including 395H.

    File a Memorandum of Study (research prospectus) prior to completing 100 hours.

    Complete at least 3 honors credit hours with a grade of B or better each year (Fall or Spring)
  5. Completion of an honors research or creative project (e.g., thesis).

Students admitted to the Program having earned college credits after high school graduation either at the University of Nebraska or another school should discuss modified requirements with the Honors Program director.

Students admitted to the University Honors Program have access to all honors courses taught at UNL without additional authorization.

NOTE: 189H Freshman Seminar is an honors course offered by participating academic departments and is required of all students in the University Honors Program.