Aerospace Studies/Air Force ROTC



The Department of Aerospace Studies is a United States Air Force ROTC program offered at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln through a cooperative effort contractually agreed to by the Air Force and the University.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Aerospace Studies classes are open to all full-time students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, as well as students at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Doane College (Crete), and Concordia University (Seward), who have “visiting student” arrangements with the University of Nebraska for Air Force ROTC. Students register for Aerospace Studies the same way they sign up for any other course on campus. In addition to academic class, students are registered for the corresponding leadership lab.

To contract with the Air Force at the start of the junior year or upon receipt of a scholarship, you must be a United States citizen and meet age and other requirements.


You can participate in Air Force ROTC by enrolling in either the Four-Year or Three-Year program.

Students who do not wish to become an Air Force officer are welcome to enroll in Aerospace Studies classes but not leadership lab.


High school and college students compete for Air Force ROTC college scholarships. The scholarships provide full tuition, fees, and textbook allowance. Students on scholarship also receive a monthly tax-free allowance during the school year that ranges from $300-$500. An AFROTC scholarship is not required to enroll in Air Force ROTC. Participation in Air Force ROTC does not guarantee a scholarship.


Any University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Doane College, Nebraska Wesleyan, and Concordia University student may take Aerospace Studies academic courses for college credit. Textbooks are free and provided by the Aerospace Department. No active duty obligation is incurred. Leadership laboratories are open only to students eligible for, and enrolled in, the Air Force ROTC program.

Credit Hours

Credit hours earned by students enrolled in Aerospace Studies may be used to fulfill elective credit hour requirements for graduation for any college in the University.

Military Obligation

No military obligation results from enrolling in the freshman or sophomore courses in Aerospace Studies. A military obligation occurs only when a student enters the junior year of the program or accepts an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Students who complete Air Force ROTC are commissioned Second Lieutenants and will go on active duty in the United States Air Force after graduation from the University. The active duty service commitment varies from 4-10 years. (Pilots, navigators, and air battle managers incur a longer active duty commitment.)

Delay for Graduate Education. An Air Force ROTC student is commissioned upon graduation from the University. If students are qualified for and interested in working toward advanced degrees, deferment from active duty may be possible until graduate degrees have been completed.

Field Training Program

Each student who successfully receives a competitive allocation to enter the professional officer course (POC) program must attend one field training encampment. This training is held at Maxwell AFB, AL, during the summer between their sophomore and junior year. Field training emphasizes the development of leadership abilities and informs students of the many challenging career opportunities available in the Air Force. Students receive travel allowances and pay for field training. All accommodations, clothing, and food are furnished. Successful completion of field training is required to enter the POC.