Military Science/Army ROTC


Military Science/Army ROTC

Military Science is a United States Army ROTC program offered at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln through a cooperative effort contractually agreed to by the United States Army and the University.


  • Prepare, graduate, and commission students with leadership potential to serve as commissioned officers in the United States Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard components
  • Develop leadership skills, managerial skills and a basic understanding of associated professional knowledge with a strong sense of personal integrity, honor and individual responsibility


  • Academic credits earned may apply toward the student’s degree depending on the discipline
  • Upon successful completion of the ROTC program and all bachelor degree requirements, students earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army concurrent with an academic degree in a discipline of choice
  • Receive leadership training designed to qualify graduates for civilian careers in executive and management positions upon completion of their military commitment
  • Uniforms, textbooks, and equipment are provided to the student

Participation in Army ROTC

There are three basic ways to participate in Army ROTC:

  1. Participating student:
    • Registers for basic military science classes in sequential order (101 through 202 only), but not the military science lab.
    • Is not allowed to participate in activities outside the classroom (physical training, leadership labs or field training).
    • Receives academic credit only; no credit towards commissioning.
  2. Enrolled Cadet:
    • Fully participates in ROTC by taking military science classes and leadership labs.
    • Participates in physical and field training exercises.
    • Wears the Army uniform to all ROTC functions.
    • Must adhere to military customs and standards.
    • Unless contracted, no military obligation is incurred (Basic Course only).
  3. Contracted Cadet:
    • Like the enrolled Cadet, fully participates in military science classes, leadership labs, and physical and field training exercises; wears the army uniform to all ROTC functions; and adheres to military customs and standards.
    • Includes progression, lateral entry and scholarship Cadets.
    • Is under obligation of future military service to receive benefits from ROTC.
    • National and Campus Based ROTC scholarship winners must contract to receive stipend and scholarship benefits.
    • Non-scholarship Cadets must contract by the MS III/junior year in order to continue in the program.


Military science is an academic elective program, not an academic major. The overall curricula is designed and standardized by a national review process controlled by U.S. Army Cadet Command.

Four-year program

The Army ROTC four-year program consists of two parts: Basic Course and Advanced Course.

  • Basic Course: One basic level military science course (MLSC 101 Foundations of Officership, MLSC 102 Basic Leadership, MLSC 201 Individual Leadership Studies, and MLSC 202 Leadership and Teamwork) is taken each semester in conjunction with one lab session per week during the freshman and sophomore years. Students may participate in the Army ROTC basic level courses without incurring any military obligation.
  • Advanced Course: One advanced level military science course (MLSC 301 Leadership and Problem Solving, MLSC 302 Leadership and Ethics, MLSC 401 Leadership and Management, and MLSC 402 Officership) is taken each semester along with one lab session per week during the junior and senior years. Military science advanced courses may only be taken by students who are contracting to earn a commission and have completed Basic Course (or equivalency).

Two-year program

The Army ROTC two-year program accommodates upper-class students already enrolled at or transferring to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln who have not taken the Basic Course. To participate in this program, the student shall have successfully completed the Leader’s Training Course (LTC), Army Basic Combat Training, or alternate approved training during the summer before entering the Advanced Course.

Commissioning Requirements

Upon graduation with a degree from the University and successful completion of Army ROTC requirements, you will commission into the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard as a Second Lieutenant. The requirements are:

Satisfactory completion of:

  • The Basic Course (via enrollment in the program and/or placement credit)
  • The Advanced Course
  • Leader Development and Assessment Course
  • A course in Military History (HIST 303 United States Military History, 1607-1917 or HIST 304 United States Military History Since 1917)

The cadet must:

  • Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  • Pass a Department of Defense medical examination within 24 months of the date of commissioning.
  • Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test within 30 days of the date of commissioning.
  • Not have exceeded the 32nd birthday (27th for scholarship students) by December 30 of the year of commissioning.

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