Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture Student Activities and Organizations

Ag Business Club

Membership in the Ag Business Club is offered to all NCTA students with an interest in business, regardless of their major. Through such means as guest speakers and business visitation, this club promotes an increased awareness of business activities in our economy and offers students the opportunity to establish a network of business contacts with area business. Further, the Ag Business Club promotes enhanced communications among students interested in agriculture business.

Aggie Rodeo Association

All students on campus have the opportunity to become active members of the Aggie Rodeo Association. The purpose of the Association is to support the College Rodeo Team, as well as, participate in and attend livestock shows, and roping club events.

Aggie Rodeo Association members, who join the National Inter-Collegiate Rodeo Association, are eligible to become NCTA College Rodeo Team members and compete with the team in the NIRA Great Plains Region.

Aggie Shooting Sports

This club offers a variety of trap shooting programs, encompassing leisure recreation and competitive shooting including leagues and/or collegiate competition while providing a social network for knowledge and training in the shooting sports.

Ag mech Club

This club provides opportunities for professional development of students by learning about design and construction of projects, strengthen relationships between members through cooperation and teamwork and develop relationships with other professionals in the field of mechanics and engineering.

Collegiate Cattlemen

Affiliated with the Nebraska Cattlemen, Nebraska Cattlewomen, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, this organization’s mission is to alert members of current beef industry related issues. Beef industry leaders are invited to speak at meetings. Members tour area beef facilities and attend the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association Convention.

Collegiate 4H/FFA

NCTA made history in the spring of 2005 when 27 students voted to pass a charter to form the first and only Collegiate FFA chapter in the state of Nebraska. The club has an extensive program of activities including plans to work with local high school chapters with activities, help those students fill out proficiencies and state degrees, help with workshops at Chapter Officer Leadership Training, coordinate pre-state practice contests for local chapters and much more. Collegiate FFA allows members opportunities for professional growth, leadership development and service through a national website, travel opportunities and local projects. This club provides an opportunity for all students to continue their interest in 4-H activities by not only helping the local 4-H clubs, and assisting at the county fair but also in attending regional college 4-H meetings and expanding leadership skills.

Farm Bureau Club

The Farm Bureau Club at NCTA is for any student interested in agriculture. The primary goal of the club is to educate students on the important issues facing agriculture in Nebraska and the U.S. Students are also exposed to process of developing agricultural policy and the role of Farm Bureau in the policy development process. Club activities include: guest speakers that highlight issues that are important to farmers and ranchers; field trips to learn more about the agricultural industry in Nebraska; and attending annual Nebraska Farm Bureau meeting each December and the Young Farmers and Ranchers conference each January. The club is supported by Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Horticulture Club

Any student enrolled at NCTA is welcome to join the Horticulture Club. Activities include campus landscaping projects, community garden, and campus beautification.

Intercollegiate Livestock Judging

NCTA is committed to excellence in the area of collegiate livestock judging. For those students interested in allocating the time and effort necessary for successful completion of this program, the benefits by far exceed knowledge acquired in form to function analysis of livestock. Leaders in the institution and livestock industry are aware this program is the most thorough training in the decision making process educators in any field have developed. Additional personal enhancement benefits developed in this program include commitment, self-confidence, perseverance, concentration and mental toughness, teamwork, and communications skills. As a result students completing this program are better prepared to meet life’s challenges and are highly sought after by employers. Additionally, the educational benefit of traveling, interacting with producers of quality livestock, and competing in national contests provide students with valuable information and knowledge not always available in classroom settings. This program is available to any full time NCTA student and all highly motivated individuals are encouraged to enroll in the program.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an honorary society whose purpose is that academic excellence among community and junior college students may be nurtured; that opportunity may be provided for leadership training; that an intellectual climate may be promoted for an interchange of ideas and ideals; and that scholars may be imbued with desire for continuing education. Membership is earned by qualifications, honor, and service.

Ranch Horse Team

Ranch Horse Team is affiliated with American Stock Horse Association (ASHA). ASHA has a collegiate division with a College National Finals and has a strong commitment to education. There are 25 colleges and universities in the association with more joining every day. NCTA was one of the original founding institutions of ASHA Collegiate Division. ASHA has 3 different rider skill levels so that each individual is competing against their own skill level whether you are a beginning rider or an accomplished rider. Most shows start with a training session. NCTA competes in approximately 8 shows a year, mostly in the spring. Besides showing horses, team members go through various horse training workshops to improve your skills in showing horses. Students do not need to have a horse or show horses to join the team.

Safari Club

Safari Club is offered to any NCTA student and is intended for those students with an exotic animal, wildlife or ecological interest. With the guidance of the instructor, students plan an educational trip to learn more about exotic animals. Prior to this trip, the “safari” students set educational goals and compile research pertinent to their trip. A presentation, open to all students, is developed following the experience. Open to all students.

Student Senate

The purpose of the Student Senate is to promote unity, harmony, and fellowship between students, campus organizations, faculty, staff, and college administration. Regular meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of each month and special meetings are called when necessary. At meetings, Student Senate members discuss topics of concern. All campus activities are coordinated through the Student Senate. The Student Senate makes suggestions to improve student life on campus.

STVMA (Student Technicians of Veterinary Medicine Association) (Vet Tech Club)

STVMA is a student run organization designed to help students prepare for active participation in state and national technician organizations. As a member of STVMA, students will enjoy social, educational, and community service activities.

stock dog club

The purpose of this organization is to foster, promote and develop the use of stock dogs for the benefit of farmers, ranchers, students and other livestock owners and stock dog handlers.  To introduce students to stock dog competitions, education in the daily care and conditioning of a stock dog and to sponsor sanctioned trials, educational events and demonstrations.

Women in Ag

NCTA Women in Ag is open to all first and second year students in any major. The purpose of this organization is to promote women in agriculturally oriented areas of study and ag-related jobs upon graduation. Members have the opportunity to attend the Women in Ag Conference held in Kearney. Guest speakers will present information of various topics ranging from personal and social issues to professional interests.

Churches in Our Community

  • Berean Fundamental Church
  • Christian Church (Maywood)
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Lonestar Cowboy Church (Farnam)
  • St. James Catholic Church
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church
  • United Church of Christ (Maywood)
  • Vineyard Christian Fellowship


Sponsored dances are held on campus each month. Admission may be required. All dances are to be concluded at 12 midnight.