Residency Requirements

Individuals seeking to establish resident status for tuition purposes who are subject to the one (1) year minimum requirement, must be able to demonstrate that they have established homes in Nebraska at least one (1) year prior to the term they apply for resident status. Acceptable documentation for verifying the one (1) year residence period includes:

  1. Proof of home ownership
  2. Apartment lease
  3. Cancelled rent receipts/checks

Any other type of documentation must be approved by one of the University’s residence officers. In addition to the one (1) year requirement, applicants will also be expected to obtain a checking or savings account with a Nebraska financial institution and have held these documents for a reasonable period of time (usually at least one month). All twelve months of the residency requirement must be documented.

Financial Obligations

It is the responsibility of students to satisfy all financial obligations to NCTA. Failure by a student to pay a financial obligation to the University or to any department, division, or agency thereof, will result in denial of readmission, denial of transcripts, denial of registration for ensuing terms, and withholding of diplomas, and in addition, may result in dismissal and/or denial of grade reports, until such debt be paid in full. (RP-5.3.1)

Student Fees

The student’s on-line MyNCTA account will electronically notify with the email provided that the tuition and fees billing has been generated. It is the responsibility of each student to monitor their account and notify appropriate parties having payment responsibility. The “Activity Since Last Monthly Statement” screen will allow daily monitoring but a consolidated statement will be available by the 25th of each month. Payment deadlines are always the 12th of the month following the bill date.

A student must contract for both room and board at double occupancy rates unless conditions are met to waive. Room and board reservation requires a $250 security deposit to be held by NCTA until all conditions have been met. The room and board charges will be due in accordance to the above monthly billing schedule.

All fees and other charges may be changed at any time by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.

2017-2018 Tuition

Nebraska Resident per credit hour $121.00
Non-Resident per credit hour $121.00
Dual Credit $60.50


Academic/Student fee (per semester) Per Credit Hour $19.62
Registration Fee for Course Enrollment Per Semester $20

Special Fees

Continuing Ed Course $25
Delivery Fee (per credit, if needed, up to $25)
Graduation Fee $25
Application Fee $45
Parking Permit (Annual: Administration, Faculty, Staff, Students) $20
Textbooks (average cost per semester) $500
Transcript Fee $5