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The law and business minor is a collaboration between the College of Business and the College of Law. This 12-credit-hour minor is open to both business majors and non-business majors. Designed to complement any major, the courses in the minor build students’ familiarity with legal concepts and can increase marketability for jobs that don’t require a juris doctorate but require some knowledge of the law. Many of these jobs are in growing fields such as regulatory compliance, human resources, accounting, contracts and procurement, technology consulting, policy analysis, environmental regulation, health care, financial services and securities regulation, and real estate development. The minor also allows students interested in a possible career in law to experience law classes as an undergraduate. 

To be successful, top-level business executives need strong critical thinking and strategic analysis skills. Leaders in business also need to understand how the law can both create business opportunities or adversely impact a business. The courses in the law and business major focus on developing these advanced leadership skills. By understanding how the law works and how lawyers think, business executives can work more effectively with both, inside and outside legal counsel, to develop business strategies, maximize emerging business opportunities, and minimize potential legal risks.  

The four courses in the law and business minor are each taught once per year by senior professors in the College of Law. Because of the rigor of this minor, a cumulative GPA of 3.25 and at least junior standing is required for all courses. While it is recommended that students take BLAW 375 The Legal System, Lawyers, and the Common Law and BLAW 376 Civil and Criminal Litigation first, the four courses in the minor can be taken in any order.

  • BLAW 375 The Legal System, Lawyers, and the Common Law – Learn about the court system, sources of law, and the three major areas of the common law: torts, contracts, and property. (offered in the fall semester)
  • BLAW 376 Civil and Criminal Litigation – Learn about the civil and criminal justice system and key legal concepts that frame the operations of these systems. (offered in the fall semester)
  • BLAW 377 Introduction to Corporate Compliance – Examine the relationships between corporate governance, risk and compliance, and learn about the common features of effective compliance programs. (offered in the spring semester)
  • BLAW 378 Legislation and Regulation – Learn about legislation, the sources of governmental policy, and the considerations that go into legislative and administrative policy making. Practice analyzing complex language through the art of statutory interpretation. (offered in the spring semester)

Requirements for Minor Offered by Department

BLAW 375The Legal System, Lawyers, and the Common Law3
BLAW 376Civil and Criminal Litigation3
BLAW 377Introduction to Corporate Compliance3
BLAW 378Legislation and Regulation3
Credit Hours Subtotal: 12
Total Credit Hours12

Prerequisite Requirements

The prerequisites for all of the courses in the minor are a 3.25 cumulative GPA or higher and at least junior standing. 

The minor is available to business and non-business University students. While it is recommended that students take BLAW 375 and BLAW 376 first, the four courses in the minor can be taken in any order. 

Grade Rules

Pass/No Pass

No course taken Pass/No Pass will be counted toward the minor.