Graduate Studies


Tuition and fee rates are published by Student Accounts and subject to change at the direction of the Board of Regents.

Regulations pertaining to Nebraska resident status for tuition purposes are established by the Board of Regents. Initial determination of resident status is made at the time of admission and is noted on the Certificate of Admission. If a non-resident student wishes to change status, it is necessary to file a residency application with Graduate Studies. Requirements for resident status are included with the Application for Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes (PDF).


Students who withdraw from the University within the first four weeks of a semester, or within the first two weeks of a summer session, may be entitled to a fractional refund of tuition, as listed in the Academic Calendar. The conditions of eligibility for refunds are subject to change.

Graduate Assistants

Students holding a benefits-eligible graduate assistantship may receive tuition remission of up to 12 hours per semester during the fall and/or spring semesters plus a portion of the student's health insurance premium.

  • Payment of the student's portion of the health insurance premium, University program and facilities fees, library fees, technology fees, registration fees, special course fees, are the student's responsibility.
  • If a graduate assistant resigns or terminates the assistantship during the semester before four full months of service, all benefits will be lost. The student then is responsible for the total tuition payment and health insurance premiums.

University Staff Scholarship

Members of the academic-administrative, managerial-professional, and office-service staffs employed full time are eligible for the Employee and Dependent Scholarship Program.