Graduate Studies

Graduate Certificates

A graduate certificate comprises a set of credit-bearing graduate courses representing a specific subject area. Graduate certificates are designed for post-baccalaureate students seeking to enhance their educational portfolio. See Graduate Certificates for course requirements.

A graduate certificate requires at least 12 hours of graduate coursework past the bachelor’s degree, but not more than 20 hours. For students pursuing more than one certificate, sharing of credits is limited to 3 hours, provided each certificate has a minimum of 12 hours of non-shared credits. Shared credits cannot count toward more than two certificates. The minimum grade for certificate courses must meet the Scholastic Grade Requirements for graduate-level courses. Courses taken to fulfill requirements for a graduate certificate and later applied toward a graduate degree must meet the minimum grade requirements for the degree, which may be higher.

Admission to and enrollment in a graduate certificate program occurs independently of graduate (master’s and doctoral) degree programs. Students may pursue a graduate certificate and graduate degree simultaneously, although concurrent enrollment is not required. Certificate courses taken at the University of Nebraska may count toward a graduate degree. Courses taken and applied toward a previously awarded graduate degree or certificate cannot be counted toward a future graduate certificate. Courses completed at institutions other than the University of Nebraska cannot count toward a graduate certificate.

State Certifications for Educators

Educator certifications — in particular, the Teaching Certificate (initial or renewal), Administrative Certificate (initial or renewal), and various endorsements — are granted by the State of Nebraska's Department of Education rather than by UNL.

For more information refer to Programs: Teacher Certification or consult UNL's certification officer.

Educational Administration and Supervision

The Department of Educational Administration offers a graduate-level administrator preparation program leading to a Certificate of Specialization in Educational Administration and Supervision (EDAS-SXCT). The minimum requirement is 66 semester credit hours, in a Program of Studies specified by the Department.

Requirements for the student:

  1. Apply for admission as indicated for Educational Administration, get and accept an offer of admission to the program, and enroll.
  2. Complete certificate requirements within six consecutive calendar years of acceptance into the program. At the time of completion, none of the credit hours approved may be more than ten years old, except for hours earned in a previous degree program.
  3. Apply for graduation via MyRED. Once all requirements are complete, the department will notify Graduate Studies so the student may receive the certificate through Graduation Services.