Graduate Studies

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See Majors, Minors, and More: Concurrent or Combined Programs for definitions and additional policies pertaining to Double Major, Dual Degree, and Joint Degree.

Admission to a Double Major

The professional and scholastic goals of some graduate students may be enhanced substantially by acquiring more knowledge than is provided by earning a minor. They can do this by studying in a second field as a double major.

  1. Applying to Two Majors at Once: New applicants submit one application for each major program and only one application fee, and specify in the form's comment section that they are seeking a double major.

    • The applicant completes each program's application requirements, and each program's graduate committee reviews the application.
    • A decision by one graduate committee does not affect the decision of the other; criteria for acceptance may differ.
    • Acceptance to one or both does not guarantee admission for a double-major degree. Final approval rests with the Dean for Graduate Studies.
  2. Adding a Second Major to a Degree in Progress: If a student currently in a degree program decides to pursue a second major, a new application is required for the second major.

    • The student declares the intent to add a second major (rather than switch majors) in the form's comment section.
    • The new application is subject to approval by the original major's graduate committee prior to review by the second major's committee.

Admission to a Dual Degree

To be a degree-seeking graduate student in more than one UNL degree program, a student must apply separately to both programs and receive admission to both programs, with the approval of graduate chairs for both programs and the Dean for Graduate Studies.

When a student has received admission for two master's programs, the same course credit will not be accepted for more than one degree without prior approval of the Graduate Program Committees through which the programs are administratively assigned and the Dean for Graduate Studies.

See Majors, Minors, and More for a list of established dual degree programs.  See program summaries for application instructions and departmental contacts.