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University of Nebraska - Lincoln seniors within 9 hours of graduation may apply and be granted admission to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Graduate Studies. Admission and continued enrollment are contingent upon receipt of the baccalaureate within the calendar year. With this change in status, a student is ineligible to continue receiving any undergraduate scholarships or financial aid but would allow the student to apply for any financial aid, fellowships, or assistantships open to graduate students.


  • Seniors at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln may be permitted up to 12 hours of credit for graduate courses taken in addition to the courses necessary for their undergraduate degree, provided that these credits are earned the calendar year prior to receipt of the baccalaureate. 
  • Before registering for graduate courses, seniors must obtain approval from Graduate Studies using the Grad Credit for Undergraduate Students form.
  • Courses taken prior to completion of a bachelor's degree do not always transfer as graduate credit to other institutions, nor can there be a guarantee from Graduate Studies that these courses will apply toward a particular graduate program.
  • Intercampus enrollment allows undergraduates at other University of Nebraska campuses to take graduate-level coursework at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Any arrangement to hold for graduate credit must be made at the student’s bachelors degree campus; University of Nebraska - Lincoln can certify graduate credit only for those students graduating from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Students from outside the University of Nebraska must wait until they qualify as graduate students to receive graduate credit.

Contact the Office of Graduate Studies for more information.